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Guess the Mystery Hand, Win a Prize

Follow @SuitedSuperman on Instagram. Guess the mystery hand for a chance to win a FREE DGEN hat of your choice and a lucky DGEN chip. 

This contest is now over, more contests coming soon!

Mystery Hand Contest

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🖐  Mystery Hand: 

Villain (Straightforward, $1k effectively) raises $25 from UTG, Hero (TAG image) calls on the Button. 

Flop ($60) 9♣️  8♣️  4♠️  – Villain cbets $40, Hero raises $150, Villain calls.

Turn ($360) 2♠️  – Villain checks, Hero bets $250, Villain calls.

River ($860) 5❤️ – Villain checks, Hero goes All-in for $575 effectively. 

What does Hero have?


“I am a proud ambassador of DGENwear brand. They have an amazing collection of limited edition poker apparel.”


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Suited Superman on Live at the Bike

@suitedsuperman making an appearance on ‘Live at the Bike’ @bicyclecasino caught in LA wearing his @dgenwear hat and hoodie. He was card dead throughout the night and ended the $5/10/20 NL session even.

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